Integrated Resolutions

Integrated Resolutions


All you have to do is focusing on your main business. The purpose of providing services in the large living areas having many activity opportunities such as sites, facilities, mass housing, or golf courses by a single provider is to provide these services with higher quality and economical conditions. We can summarize the advantages of this as follows:

  • High saving rates thanks to the more profitable operation,
  • Providing uninterrupted professional management services,
  • Eliminating the unnecessary personnel costs and management burden,
  • Ensuring the full focus on the main operation field

ASLANEGE meets all your needs as well as offering high standard, economical and broad-based services with its expert personnel in order to carry out the main activities of your organization and to provide quality living and working environments in your facilities. Those who permanently reside in these areas or benefit from certain activities no longer need to deal with the contractor and supplier lists.


The profession scope of our presentable, reliable, and expert personnel is as follows:

  • Consultants
  • Site Service Personnel
  • Concierge
  • Courier
  • Server (Tea, coffee, etc.)
  • Driver
  • Gardener
  • Porter
  • Cleaning Personnel
  • Receptionist
  • Switchboard Operators


The tranquility of a beautiful environment and nature makes everyone enthusiastic about gardening. Yet unfortunately, the issues such as unaccounted growing states of the plants, wrong arrangement, and not applying the right care due to the hustle and bustle of daily life cause quite uncomfortable images. In order to avoid these problems, we provide you services in the fields of landscape planning, garden spraying, garden maintenance works, periodic garden maintenance, ready-made lawn grass application, drip irrigation plants, fertilizer and soil supply, automatic irrigation plant, orchard facilities, hobby works, pruning works, fertilization, and soil improvement.


Swimming pools used for various purposes may carry serious health risks due to the pollution caused by the surface and the environment unless the maintenance is carried out under appropriate conditions or the necessary physical and chemical conditions are met. For this purpose, we provide you the necessary disinfection and filtration services to ensure the chemical balance of the pool and then to purify it from unwanted dirt, dust, particles, and other foreign substances.


There is a long list of services that are specifically tailored to the needs of the interior and exterior of a facility, contributing to the optimization of the company’s service budget amount.

The fields of activity that we offer to you within the scope of technical services are as follows:

  • Plant and Equipment Commissioning and Operation,
  • Improvement and Development Works of The Present Plants,
  • Malfunction Response, Periodic Controls, and Maintenance Energy Management,
  • Contract Management Legislation Follow-up,
  • Management of the Consumables,
  • Spare Parts Management Reporting,
  • Garden Landscape,
  • Pest Controlling Services.


The site services we provide comprise all of the maintenance and cleaning of the collective common living areas such as sites and apartments as well as meeting daily needs within a certain plan. Our aim is to support you by meeting your daily needs while you are dealing with your occupations in the flow of life.