Personnel Resolutions

Personnel Resolutions


The personnel who are in charge of meeting our guests and customers by taking part in the consultation departments in the offices of all companies operating in different sectors are called consultants. Our consultants gladly meet our guests and customers who visit our office, guide them properly to the people needed, give information by answering the incoming calls. Additionally, they follow up and send the documents when required as well as arranging the necessary correspondence, search, and the document reports.


The profession scope of of our presentable, reliable, and expert personnel is as follows:

  • Consultants
  • Site Service Personnel
  • Courier
  • Server (Tea, coffee, etc.)
  • Driver
  • Gardener
  • Porter
  • Cleaning Personnel
  • Receptionist
  • Switchboard Operators


We provide our Cleaning Services after the practices organized in line with the demands of our customers and the basic adaptation training we give to our personnel. The best cleaning services are offered by our professional team using the premium equipment and chemical products to our customers who operate in various places such as shopping malls, schools, hospitals, factories and factories, business centers, sites, etc.


In current conditions where the technology develops rapidly and service mentality changes, especially the foreign trade companies have started to receive outsourcing services in logistics field and have managed to reduce their costs including personnel and communication. Thus, they have gained more competitive power in their sectors by focusing on their main fields of activity. We help you with the physical operations requiring intense working such as packaging, electrical-electronics, loading, machine maintenance and repair services, unloading, and stacking.


Leaving the payroll works to the expert companies enables the human resources departments to focus on the organization and planning activities. We, on the other hand, eliminate the additional costs of companies for creating a system in this way and save them from the risks that may arise during the fee calculation. Besides, we provide many important advantages to our customers with our comprehensive personnel procurement and payroll services.


These are;

  • Avoidance of any restrictions on the number of personnel,
  • Meeting the personnel need in case of a required temporary work (an increase in the need of a product that is unscheduled or seasonal at the establishment stage, etc.)
  • Helping our customers to spend their times and energies on their areas of expertise,
  • Keeping the employees of our customers and indirect operating costs at the most efficient point and reducing their long-term financial burdens.