Training and Inspection

Training and Inspection


In order to maintain the quality standard of the personnel and the security services offered by ASLANEGE to its esteemed customers at the highest level, it conducts day and night inspections and controls with the principle of 24-hour uninterrupted continuity with its expert and experienced directors.


In order to determine the level at which our services are maintained in night conditions, an expert manager is specifically appointed to work only at night.

By visiting the projects on site at night conditions in certain periods with the vehicle allocated to him/her;

  • Attire of the personnel,
  • Competence of duty,
  • Application of the general and special task instructions,
  • Movement styles in emergency action plans,
  • On-the-job trainings,
  • Up-to-dateness of the written document, instruction and inspection file available in the project,
  • Risk analysis of the project

The night inspector checks such matters.


Daily Inspection is a service provided through expert directors; by comparing the operational implementation of the services provided by ASLANEGE with the customer expectations and satisfaction, seeking an answer to the question “how to achieve the better?” in a continuous feedback loop.

With the tools allocated, every director within and outside working hours; both monitors their own personnel and the quality of the service provided, and make regular visits and meetings with company officials in order to compare customers’ expectations and evaluate their satisfaction.


Besides our personnel inspection conducted with the advanced devices and systems offered by digital technology to security service; the efficiency and productivity of the service are inspected with smart patrol systems and, if the customer approves, camera alarm monitoring systems.


Within the physical control plan (patrol) determined by mutual negotiations in line with the needs of our customer; it is a system that allows the institution instant (online) monitoring of activities that requires constant control such as lighting, physical protective measures, electrical and electronic systems, control of preventive measures against fire.

It has advanced features that can record the audio and take pictures and videos when there is a situation worth reporting during the patrol, and it reports to the authorities in case that the patrol service is not provided properly.

It also allows the programming of how the company representative and ASLANEGE operation officer will be informed (phone, SMS) in special cases to be determined.