Renewal Services

Renewal Services

The Security Renewal Course is a private security training program with a total duration of 60 lesson hours.

As stated in the law numbered 5118, the utilization permit of the certificates obtained by participating in the private security training programs is limited to 5 years. Therefore, private security certificates must be renewed every five years. The employees whose certificates have expired for five years are asked for a renewal training certificate in order to continue working. Besides, the managers of private security companies and private security training institutions are obliged to submit their renewal training certificates to the Ministry every five years. 10 hours of weapon training is provided within the duration of the renewal training program. At the end of the training program, a security renewal certificate is issued to those who succeeded in the exam.


  • Submission of Primary Training Certificate for Unarmed Security.
  • Submission of the Primary Training Certificate for Armed Security.
  • Being a citizen of the Republic of Turkey.
  • Not Being Banned From Public Rights.
  • Having adequate health conditions.


  • Photocopy of the Identity Card
  • A Copy of the Security ID Card
  • 3 Photographs
  • a Photocopy of Diploma