Message From Our CEO

Message From Our CEO

ASLANEGE; is the only domestic security and personnel services corporation that has been working for 26 years as the founder and leader of the security sector and maintains its organic growth since 1995 as well as providing services specifically to the private sector.

ASLANEGE has always proceeded on a basis that prioritizes the customer and employee satisfaction with the mottos like “Customer always prevails”, “Customers in, so we are” and “Customer is the most esteemed one”.

Our aim is to make ASLANEGE the biggest Turkish brand by strengthening our growth targets besides our product range mostly centered in the Aegean region and comprising of the Marmara, Central Anatolia, and the Mediterranean regions.

Taking firm steps towards our goals, ASLANEGE is working to establish the Marmara, Central Anatolia, and Mediterranean Regional Directorates together with the Aegean Region and to complete the necessary structuring in a short while. In the long run, it aims to become the most esteemed service company that provides services to the 7 regions by gaining recognition in Turkey. We believe that we will achieve these goals by ensuring the satisfaction of all our customers and employees with the help of their support. We look forward to cooperating with all our client and employee candidates who want to get service from a local, national, reliable, and high-quality corporate company.

Aiming to become the most respected brand in Turkey and the world, ASLANEGE wishes to work with you.

Hoping to cooperate and work together,

I extend my greetings and best regards.