Prıvate Security Training

Prıvate Security Training

The Leader of the Security Training Sector

In the light of the experiences we have gained since the beginning, we provide successful and quality training to the Private Security Officer candidates who are trained in our Educational Institution.

ASLANEGE Private Security Training Institution continues the Private Security Primary Training with its expert trainers for the candidates who want to continue their professional life as Private Security Officers. The Private Security Renewal Training that must be taken every 5 years by the Private Security Officers is also given in our institution within the scope of the law numbered 5188. Our training programs that are provided under the leadership of expert trainers in wide and spacious training conditions and within the framework of private security services law numbered 5188,

  • Primary training for those who want to continue their career as a private security officer,
  • Armed Private security training for those who want to receive upgrade training,
  • In-service and renewal training for businesses that employ security officers.